Magno Cum Gaudio

Our time together catches the loneliness

And turns the sand right side ‘round

It teaches that the square becomes a circle

That our eyes can bend with time

Our time together brings an astral glance

That seals the open rooms in our workbook

Where the negative space says much more

Than the lunar meditative landscape sees

Our time together is a secular oblation

Where the tithe is scattered in the sea of mercy

And presented to a temporal sound of shifting tides

In the quantum mystery of words at risk

Our time together masks the sudden shrill

Of a gull caught in the current of the indigo

And sailing to the vacuum of the yearning heart

I am waiting for the words that needn’t be heard

Charlie’s Koran

white statues bring the bitter frost

of submerged legacies that were lost

in adulation of words remotely written.

love will not rebuke the absurdity

of reckless streams made hot above

the darkest sky of dreams solely smitten

with what is written not why.

feckless birds of power weather the cost

…of statues that were words absurdly

…made of dreams that were

…written of power and lost

The Reanimation of Love

For years we meandered to jaded drums

Lives transfixed on the repeatable bursting boulevards

In dreams we cradled love’s aching call

Its siren song- we marched to diminishing redoubtable chords

Of transcendence though not yet come.

Our hearts turn to a hall of looking glass resplendent

As radiance shines on the Temeraire, the sea unfolds its symmetry

A lunar pool speaks to itself as if in rhyme

Seeking only reconciliation of our years; our exquisite exile

We cling to that which is here.

What guides our name for the unnameable?

Brings us drink from the fluent and fickle stream?

Why cross oceans of time to be the abecedarian?

Our experience abates – recedes from its puissant perch

And brings a beginning to the quietus

So as the snow feathers its way like silent incandescence

A shimmering scape wraps round our open hearts

We walk as slow as the tranquil haze…….we whisper only in thought

Our soft eyes ahead – we share…we adore future fire

And dare we not to wake.

The Binary Dilemma

I seek electric history

I seek that which will be gone

I wander in the recent past

Digital brings a coming yawn

Algorithms bold and wide

Computing not yet come of age

Social is the watchword now

10 ways to stop a turning page

The fabric of the data mined

The limits of the insights reached

I say now I will be free

When paradigms let us rest in peace

Say it with me:

Adobe agile alan turing alonzo church apple class of service claude shannon clickstream cloud computing david deutsch dos html hypertext IPv6 javascript john von neumann kurt godel linux mashup multiplexing nanoprocessors open source oracle parallel processing pixie dust protocols quantum computing seymour cray scrum SNA spectrum tim berners-lee unix vax vector graphics virtual memory virtual private networks vtam xml william paley

Time will move away from them

When new work comes and says…..ahem

A Brief Look – New Years Eve

A Brief Look – New Years Eve

Meandering through a maze of mirror

We look back through time and space

To a bending world that sees its champagne day

And brings us the requisite resting place

The Gregorian sand moves inexorably fast

Its relative pages juxtaposed

Eyes straight ahead show the resolve of hope

And like a scene we bring it to a close